My want is to worship you, to serve and obey you, to always put your needs above mine. You are my superior. You are strong, intelligent, sensitive and compassionate. You are Woman and you are beautiful.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Different Relationship

I think V is beginning to realise the benefits of having a submissive at her beck and call.

Last week I suggested I come over and do some housework for her. Her immediate reaction was that she didn’t want me in the house. We’ve met a few times since we broke up, but on neutral ground. She said she didn’t feel comfortable with me spending time alone with her at home.

But on Friday when I spoke to her on the phone she said she missed my home cooking.

I immediately made the offer to cook some meals which she could freeze for the week. She said that was OK and I could bring them over on the weekend.

When I arrived, she had two girlfriends who were visiting. V had previously told them about my submissive tendencies. In fact, the week before we broke up, they had occasion to witness my humiliation first hand.

I should explain this particular incident. Earlier this year V had made me a white lace, frilly maids apron. It’s very short and open at the back to expose my bottom. I often used to wear this apron (and nothing else) when I was cooking or performing cleaning duties.

Anyway, just before we broke up, Claire and Chris were visiting V when I arrived home from work. We hadn’t been getting along well. V had been becoming more dismissive of me over the previous two weeks.

As usual, I began cleaning up the kitchen which is open to the family room. V, Claire and Chris were sitting in the family room drinking and chatting.

And then V said to me “Haven’t you forgotten something?” I was puzzled and asked if they needed another drink. “No,” she said. “Your pretty apron. Why aren’t you wearing it?”

I was stunned. I went bright red and couldn’t answer. I felt sick in my stomach.

Then V told Claire and Chris that she had made me a frilly maids apron and that I liked to wear it when I cleaned up.

“Why don’t you put it on and show my friends,” she said. I said now wasn’t the time.

The girls started laughing and encouraging me. They said V had been telling them about my need to be her slave. I laughed it off and said it helped spice up our sex life but it wasn’t an obsession.

V then countered this by describing my fetishes. Fortunately, she didn’t tell them about my licking her bottom or being pissed on. But she did say I liked to serve her dinner as a waiter and that she’d sometimes feed me her scraps.

This was more humiliation than I could bear and I walked out and went to the local pub. The strange thing (or perhaps not) was that I had a massive erection and was pre-coming in my pants.

Anyway, I’m digressing from this weekend.

As I said, V’s friends were there again when I arrived with the prepared meals.

V called out “put them in the freezer and then you can leave.” Claire then said “pathetic.” Chris said “I don’t know. I think he could be useful, not as a husband, but I think it would be nice to have your own personal maid.”

Once again I began to get an erection. I didn’t feel embarrassed as I had before. Instead I had an inner glow. My heart was pounding and my head was swimming.

V then said “I suppose he could clean up while he’s here.” I looked around the rooms and saw that the place was a mess. The I heard myself say “It’s OK. I’d like to clean up.”

“Say please,” said Claire. “Please can I clean up?” I said. The girls laughed and V said “Well. You’ll need to put on your apron then. Claire and Chris haven’t seen you in it yet.”

I put it on over my clothes. Fortunately V didn’t ask me to strip. I began cleaning up and the girls largely ignored me apart from the odd humiliating or encouraging remark.

V finally said I could leave now. I thanked them and returned to my flat.

In the evening V rang me. We discussed the day’s event. V said she’d largely told Claire and Chris about my fetish and they could be trusted to keep it secret. She said it was necessary to tell them because they were her closest friends and she wanted them to know why we had broken up.

I asked if I could still come over to clean the house (now her house) and to cook for her.

She said she’d think about it. She said she no longer felt the same about me as she used to. She no longer loved me or respected me and that made it easier for her to use me. But she doesn’t know whether she’s ready for me to be her housemaid.

That’s where we’re at. She’s still thinking about it.


Kathy said...

I feel sorry for you. It is hard to go through a breakup. I am sure there is another mistress out there for you. One that will love you for what your are. Just don't be discouraged. Mistress Kathy

Martin said...

If I can make a prediction, I'd say that V will continue to seek more ways to dominate you in front of her friends, and probably sooner rather than later.
It seems to me that she has a need to continue to be dominant, even if she does not want to admit to it. Her need to be dominant towards you may now be even stronger than your need to be submissive.
She may simply feel more comfortable with friends when she is dominating you which makes it more enjoyable for her. Either way I think you are at the start of a new phase of your relationship rather than the end of your relationship.

Anonymous said...

I'm all in favor of LFA (loving female authority). The emphasis needs to be on L, not on A.

I wish you true happiness.

subservire said...

Thanks for your kind and positive comments. You're right Mistress Kathy, there are other Mistresses out there. Maybe I'll be lucky, although at this stage I feel it's like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Martin, how I wish your prediction would come true. It's possible and I keep clinging on to the hope that V will understand what I have to offer her, and what she will miss if I'm not there for her.

Susan's Pet said...

There is something inconsistent in V's behavior. You are saying that you broke up because she could not live with your "fetish". Yet she is willing to use the same thing after your breakup.

She sounds like a cold woman who is without love. Sorry to be so blunt, but you need to work on your own self respect and find a woman who at least likes you. All else could still be the same.

I love to serve my wife, and she does use me in ways that I would not allow anyone to do. But we have mutual love and respect. And that is why when our FLR wanes from time to time, the marriage survives just fine.