My want is to worship you, to serve and obey you, to always put your needs above mine. You are my superior. You are strong, intelligent, sensitive and compassionate. You are Woman and you are beautiful.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blogs I Read

I've been reading quite a few blogs recently and I'd like to add three which I think are very good:

The first is a new blog by Richard (Polyfetishist) called Fetish Meme. It provides some thought provoking prompts for blogging with a particular bent on S/M.

The second is Hers Forever which details the experiences of a husband who aims to please his FL wife.

The third is Bossed Hubby which in many ways parallells my own experiences in nurturing a female led marriage, even to the point where his wife nearly left him. It's well written and provides some excellent guidelines for subs on what to do and what not to do if you are to develop a successful female led relationship.


Polyfetishist said...

Thanks for mentioning Fetish Meme.

Anonymous said...

Bossed Hubby seems to have disappeared in the past day or two.