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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Fetish Find

I found a new chat forum today called It features Female domination, BDSM, humiliation, chastity as well as many other kinks and fetishes. It was established by Polyfetishist and I definitely recommend it to those who have not yet visited it. can be found at

Under the section “Human Pet Play” I posted the following which may be of interest to some readers and repugnant to others, but given this is my blog site, I thought I’d repeat the post here for comment:

“We have a cat which we both adore. He has the run of the house and is rediculously spoilt.

On occasions I've mentioned to my wife "V" that I'd like to be her pet also. So far she's dismissed the idea.

Should she agree, however, it wouldn't be on the same terms as our cat of course. As the latest pet in the household, I'd be relegated to serving our cat as well as my Mistress.

And I'd make sure our cat's needs were immediately attended to. Should he wish to lie on my favourite chair, I would of course immediately give it to him.

Should our cat wish to sleep in the bed with my Mistress, which he inevitably does, I would make room for him. This would ultimately result in me sleeping at the foot of the bed and our cat snuggled up on my pillow next to my adorable wife.”


Mistress160 said...

Glad you are enjoying FetishLore, Richard and I equally enjoyed setting it up. Its great to have another person posting in the pet section!


Bonnie said...

I'll find me there too :)
it's funny I have my own forum..but i enjoy the company at FetishLore is a great group of people, and being aimed at all walks of life, and kinks is a bonus.

Collar N cuffs

Polyfetishist said...

For me pet play is very tender and romantic. I love being collared, kneeling. Alexandra is normally very gentle and caring when I'm her pet. It can be a very sweet form of surrender.

Mistress160 said...

Richard's comment reminds me, he wrote some lovely things about pet play on, I think it was Fetish Forums, ages ago. Hang on, I quoted it on my blog in a pet play post, I'll copy it here:

"pet play has proven to continue to be enriching and wonderful. I have never come to feel an animal role. Just purely her human pet even if I'm on leash or eat food from a bowl on the floor. It continues to be sweet and tender. I'd expected it to be mostly about emotional objectification but it has continued to be an emotional space where the power exchange feels very romantic. I'm humble and loving, but she also is loving and caring".

I have to admit it was his writing like this that inspired me to start pet playing myself!


subservire said...

mistress160 you're quite right. All types of play, including pet play, can be an emotionally enjoyable experience for both parties. Romantic? Yes. Loving? Yes. It's all about the emotional connection, the love each partner feels for the other. Just like V's comments regarding ass worship when she said she felt incredibly connected to me. She sees my ass worship as a very intimate thing, and certainly not sordid.