My want is to worship you, to serve and obey you, to always put your needs above mine. You are my superior. You are strong, intelligent, sensitive and compassionate. You are Woman and you are beautiful.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Too Much Detail?

V and I are actually quite good at communicating. I tell her pretty much everything which often gets me into trouble – too much detail!

So today I thought seriously about whether I would mention my fantasy of serving her if we were divorced – how would she react? Would it cause another argument? Would she be disgusted?

On balance, I thought it would be prudent not to mention it. Let this one pass.

But then I read a comment by Mistress Laura’s boy in response to my previous post.

“My sick hot fantasy is that she orders me to divorce her and basically give up all my rights and all my property with a very one-sided Marriage Settlement Agreement. She tells me that I will no longer be sleeping in her bed by default, but that if I want to continue to be her slave, I need to prove it to her. When I ask her what I need to do, she takes me to a tattoo artist and has "Mistress Laura's property" tattooed across the small of my back. From that day on, I am nothing but her property.”

It was too much. I have to raise this subject with V. I’ll talk to her tonight.


saratoga said...

Hhhmmm...just from your prior posts, this would seem to be the type of extreme fantasy that you have indicated causes angst in your partner.

best of luck on this one.

Mistress Laura's boy said...

Yikes! It's totally yours, my friend, I claim no responsibility for any fallout in your relationship. Good luck. I sincerely hope it turns out okay.

As an aside: It is totally possible for a slave to enjoy sick and sadistic fantasies that he chooses not to share with his Domme as yet another way to serve her (knowing Her preferences and bowing to them).

Mistress Laura's boy said...

One more comment.

My own coversations with Mistress Laura and other dominant women leads me to echo Saratoga's thought in response to your prior entry: "[...] none of them truly want a total doormat like that. Most quality, worthy Women want a companion with high self-esteem. Otherwise, it's no fun to dominate him and humiliate an otherwise non-self-respecting male."

Becker said...

Whenever I approach a subject that is liable to cause the sh*t to hit the fan I generally do it in full going out dress with phone, keys, wallet etc safely in my pants pockets so should she start a tirade I can escape to the shops, movies, mates house without delay.

Call me a chicken but it works for me YMMV