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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Living with Kids

It’s been a while since I posted a blog. We’ve been on holidays since Christmas, enjoying the hot weather. For most of that time we’ve had my kids with us so it’s been difficult to develop our FLR.

It must be complicated in this type of relationship with when you’re raising a family full time.

We have four kids from my previous marriage. They spend most of the time living with their mother, so we only have them for three days every second week and about 10 weeks through the year.

V has bonded well with the kids. After all, she’s been a major part of their upbringing for the past 8 years.

For a few years V wanted us to have a child of our own but in the last couple of years she’s become less eager. While I have a great relationship with my kids, I don’t want to have any more. Four’s enough!

Life at home settled back to “normality” while they were staying with us over Christmas. I’ve always done the cooking so that stayed the same, but I was doing less of the household chores.

I intend to gradually increase my home duties when the kids are with us – do the laundry, clean the bathroom etc. But V is resolute that I shouldn’t be seen as “serving” her in the way that I do when we’re alone.

It’s going to be difficult to switch between vanilla and D/S roles. You get into a pattern of behaviour (where V snaps her fingers and I jump) and then everything is put on hold.

I’ve been trying to develop our FLR to a higher level. I’m not satisfied with just doing more about the house. I’d like her to openly exercise her domination over me. And she’s been taking to the role.

But I’d like this to be a lifestyle and I’m not sure that’s possible if our daily routine is put on hold every couple of weeks.

Any advice on how this can be done successfully? Or am I expecting too much.


Byron said...

Nice to hear from you again.
I follow your blog because I am in the same situation, but in an earlier stage. (Basically I want FLR but I haven't told my wife).
Please keep us posted.

thanks for your blog

subservire said...

Thanks Byron. Let me know how you progress. I'm also interested in what methods you're pursuing towards FLR.

Each relationship is different. The personalities of both partners are integral. Timing is also very important.

At some stage you'll have to make the decision to tell your wife. Take baby steps. Test the water and if she expresses fear or concern, back off for a while. But if you REALLY want to develop this type of relationship, you must take the initial step. Start by doing more around the house. Pamper her, praise her, make her days enjoyable. That's a great start.

Bonnie said...

it can be done with the kids around but it's a lot of work. We have found code words help a lot so the children don't catch on. We use a hair on the kitchen bench as sign of punishment to come that night, there for no words need to be spoken. most activities do need to kept to after hours. Little things can make a difference to your mind set you just need to work out what works for you. Good luck.
Keep on blogging. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your journey.